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Guidance Motion Controllers

Each of Precise Automation's vision-guided, multi-axis robotic Guidance Motion Controllers integrates motion control, drives, IO, network communications and machine vision in an extremely compact package. The controllers are based on a distributed control architecture implemented over Ethernet. This permits multiple controllers to be networked together to control up to 32 axes.

Extremely Small and Low Cost with Drives Built In

A controller can contain up to four motor drives in an extremely compact design that can fit inside a robot's structure. This eliminates the need for controller cabinets, long and expensive cables, and costly connectors. Despite their small size, Guidance Controllers are extremely powerful and can drive room size gantries as well as small robots. They control AC, DC and linear motors with optional support for absolute encoders and analog incremental encoders.

Powerful Software

Every Guidance Controller contains an embedded Web Server allowing access from anywhere in the world without the need for a local PC. Applications, as well as diagnostic information, can be uploaded or downloaded from remote sites, allowing collaborative development and fast customer service worldwide. These controllers support embedded applications with a very powerful language modeled after object-oriented forms of the Basic Language such as Visual Basic.Net. They can also be configured as a slave to a PC application, using Ethernet as the communications interface. This permits a controller to be dropped into PC based systems while preserving legacy software.

Key Features Not Found in Other Motion Controllers

In addition to providing excellent motion control capabilities, Guidance Controllers offer many features not found in other products.  These include:  multi-axis kinematics to permit Cartesian control of mechanisms; a web-enabled GUI to permit remote support; integrated machine vision capability to dramatically simplify the use of camera data to dynamically adjust an automation process; and continuous path planning to reduce motion times and permit motions relative to a moving conveyor belt.

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Guidance Controllers

Guidance Controllers



Powerful Features, Extremely Small Size

Powerful Capabilities, Extremely Small Size
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