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Guidance System D4/D6

For customers who wish to use third party robots, but desire the features of the powerful Guidance Motion Controller, this system provides a convenient, ready-to-use alternative to purchasing, mounting and wiring all of the motion control components necessary for a complete system.

Complete 4 or 6-Axis Vision-Guided Motion
Control System in a Compact Enclosure

This system features the Guidance 2400/2600 Series Motion Controller integrated with motor and logic power supplies, fans and filters for cooling and easy-to-use standard connectors. This hardware is combined with Precise's modern, full-featured programming language and kinematic library.  So, the GS-D4/D6 integrates easily with third party mechanisms such as the DENSO Robotics HS-45552G SCARA or VP-6242G 6-Axis Articulated Robots.

Powerful Capabilities

This system’s User Interface is based on a built-in web server that permits the controller to be accessed from anywhere in the world for easy development, operation, and maintenance.  The software includes a complete set of motion commands, machine kinematics, a continuous path motion planner and trajectory generator, a powerful language, Active X and .Net links to Microsoft software, and an optional machine vision package that can execute in a networked PC.



Guidance System-D4

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