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Precise Robots

Are you tired of complicated robot set-ups? Can a robot installation be as simple as plugging the robot in? Precise Automation makes it possible. Our innovative robot designs take the hassles out of setting up and programming our robots, allowing you to spend more time on your application.

Fast and Easy Set Up

Precise robots come out of the box fully assembled. Just plug them into an AC outlet and an Ethernet port and they're ready to work. The controller, harness and pneumatic lines are all built into the robot, so there is no controller integration required, no harnesses to purchase or to thread, and no extra controller cabinet. This results in much less setup time and a much smaller equipment footprint.

Powerful Vision-Guided Motion Control

All robots include the powerful, low-cost vision-guided Guidance Motion Controller embedded within the robot structure. These controllers support simple, yet powerful programming that integrates seamlessly with Precise's machine vision software. The need to integrate controls with motions and motion with vision is eliminated, allowing you to begin programming your robot immediately out of the box.

Versatile Configurations

Robots are available in a several different configurations to suit the needs of a wide variety of industries including: life science, lab automation, medical products, electronics, semiconductor, mass storage and more.



Precise Robots

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